Very little bikini Chitcha cute wearing a bathing suit of cloth area Yumiko Fujita properly personal photo session alone with two people. Bikini pants type sandwich before and after with no string. Behind is not only another bar. No longer hard pussy cover type to say that the pants. Yumiko-chan fan of photographers will take to immediately advances while shooting. What is what you like? “strawberry”. Tell me address from full send’ll. I photo session five times. Not pasta date? Photographer to be Tsumeyo the Guigui and distance.Photo session five times go and I have a rumor Chau Deki. Yumiko this time smile to emphasize photographer and fifth photo session as a “Thank you for always coming chan”. We are trying to safe the distance to the fan, but …. Cameraman to continue the photo session to change has a by staff I movie shooting may also be had to say on the video camera. But I try to macro touch in nominal terms to say that rubbing shoulders, breasts has softly been denied by useless, but does not care. Yumiko-chan embarrassed toward the camera sure you service as “Ju”. ‘re Invited? When suddenly, cameraman became dial care. “Because Yumiko-chan comes invited.”, While “1 hour frame frame 3 Tsumo do it I bought”, good and I spend “Today I’m’m last. Frame three buried because I” long time, referred to as useless does not stop the photographer to go Guigui to Yumiko-chan have not had a bad look while. Put your hands in the swimsuit bra “I had put the other. Nipple is crunchy.” And rolled touch. To Yumiko-chan towards me to excuse and would have been offended to the staff, “all right, would be angry together,” he said, give out a couple mood full of photographers. In addition, we have taken solving the swimsuit bra straps of Yumiko-chan. Incidentally also pussy cover specific things below.”Because not touch and kiss” cameraman spree approaching “Yumiko-chan do not do it by because too cute”. Anymore, but somehow is various dangerous level, nobody no one thrust. The staff does not come back to stop. So, Kudasai enjoy the SEX out in the hopes and dreams of the fans and the desire packed.”Noni’ that say No!”

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